Sheriff’s Deputy Moonlighting As Bus Driver Announces That ‘F*ggots Will Burn In Hell’

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An off-duty sheriff’s deputy, who moonlights as a bus driver, has been accused of harassing an openly-gay student who is on his bus route. The Clay County, West Virginia deputy, Robert Belt, reportedly announced over the bus’s intercom that a gay guy had arrived. Except this was not a friendly introduction.

According to witnesses, the jackass in a cop’s uniform stated,

No f*ggot activity will be permitted on this bus. In my Bible, it states that ‘f*ggots will burn in Hell,’ and I will not condone it.

There are so many things wrong with this statement, I want to scream. As a bus driver, he is part of the public school system. That means this sanctimonious prick needs to keep his Bible out of his mouth while he’s driving students. As a sheriff’s deputy, his job is to serve and protect. He tainted his position on the force the moment he made his hateful announcement. If he is indeed a Christian, where the hell is the love?

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The driver wasn’t reported until a parent heard about the incident and reported it to the Clay County High School vice principal, Alan Tanner, who then notified the director of transportation. Superintendent Joe Paxton stated that there is an internal investigation and issued a statement to WSAZ, a local news station.

The statement reads,

In response to the media’s request for a statement, please know that administration is prohibited from going into detail regarding these preliminary allegations. I can state that administration is investigating the allegations and will do so thoroughly, all while complying with applicable laws and policies that govern the process. Administration always takes allegations of this nature seriously, and in doing so, administration takes the investigation serious versus rushing to prejudgment.

Blah, blah, blah – it’s basically a form letter. When considering the allegations, Belt’s past must be mentioned. He ran unsuccessfully for Clay County sheriff in 2016 and was named in a civil rights lawsuit eight years ago. Another Clay County man accused Belt of harassment after he asked the deputy to remove his boots when he came to pick up items belonging to a mutual relative. At that time, Belt said,

F*ck you and your white carpet.

The suit claims Belt then hit the man with a flashlight. Later, the mutual relative in the civil case says Belt illegally stopped him multiple times acting as deputy and physically assaulted him periodically.

This man is completely unhinged and needs to be working at any job where he does not interact with anyone else. The fact this man carries a gun on both of his jobs is truly frightening.

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