SNL Writer Hilariously Drags Ted Cruz For His ‘Snowflake’ Tweet

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Ted Cruz is terrible. The only thing we like about him is his dislike of Trump – on that we can all agree.  Yesterday,  he tweeted about the reversal of net neutrality in an attempt to shame the “snowflakes” who were screaming about the ending of internet protections. Like Trump, he feels as though Twitter is an official communication route. His tweet was meant to be funny, but as per the norm, he fell a bit flat.

He tweeted,

No one believes the Internet is gone forever – absolutely no one. Cruz is so simple-minded he believes others must be as stupid as himself. Saturday Night Live writer, Zack Bornstein took it to task to twitter shame Cruz a little. His tweets are hysterical. To be fair, he does get paid for his comedic skills.

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I was confused about his sixth point until I stumbled upon the Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer meme. That would be hysterical if it weren’t so terrifying. The expressionless face and blank stare – well, we’ll just leave it at that.

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