Stoneman Douglas Teacher Who Wants Guns In Schools Arrested For Leaving Gun In Bathroom

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One of the fears that many parents and students have about allowing guns in schools is that an irresponsible teacher will leave their gun where students can get it. Sean Simpson, 43, is a teacher at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High, where 17 people were murdered in a school shooting in February. After the massacre, Simpson also advocated for guns in schools as a way to prevent school shootings. Now, the same teacher who believes he should be allowed to bring his weapon on campus has been arrested for leaving his gun in a public restroom.

The Broward County Sheriff’s Office arrested the teacher after he left his loaded 9mm handgun in the bathroom of the Deerfield Beach Pier on Sunday. In a police report on the matter, an officer wrote:

[Sean Simpson] told me that he was in the beach pier bathroom stall using the bathroom for a bowl movement. He had his personally owned firearm on his person, and had removed it while he was using the bathroom.

Simpson exited the stall to wash his hands and promptly forgot his gun. When he went back to the bathroom five minutes later, he saw a homeless man with the gun:

When he entered the bathroom, he observed subject Joseph Spataro holding his firearm in his hand. Simpson snatched the firearm out of Spataro’s possession. Several other witnesses had heard the single gunshot as well.


The “WE NEED MOAR GUNZ!” educator was arrested and charged with failing to safely store a firearm.

This is exactly the reason why we cannot trust “responsible gun owners” to carry weapons into a school where our children are. Hell, if we can’t trust them to go to the beach with their gun, why the fuck should they be allowed to carry it into a school? Gun owners are ALWAYS responsible until they’re not. And when they are not, people die.

Read the report below:

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