Superman Is F*cking Up White Supremacists And Trump Snowflakes Are Super Pissed Off

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The most recent issue of “Action Comics” has Superman stopping a white supremacist with an American flag bandanna from mowing down a group of Spanish-speaking men and women in hijabs with a semi-automatic rifle.

After saving the human beings from the monster, the mighty Kal-el demands to know why he tried to kill them and upon getting a very Trumpian answer, explains to the monster that the blackness in his soul is all on him.

If it feels like I’m using loaded language, allow me to remind you this is a person shooting unarmed people because of the color of their skin. By any definition, that is a monster.

Naturally, the Trumpanzees are in an uproar over this “propaganda.”

And then there’s the ones less upset about the depiction of white supremacy in comics as they are about Superman saving unarmed people from a wannabe mass murderer. Think about that, they’re literally upset that Superman is saving immigrants from being murdered:

Of course, this issue isn’t strictly about white supremacy or any particular ideology. People are being driven to rage by…someone (moohoohahahaha!) and Superman saves anyone in trouble.

Still, comics have been engaged in social justice for decades, Marvel more so than DC. The entire concept of the X-Men is an allegory for racism in America and the LGBT community has been out of the superhero closet long before marriage equality became law of the land.

Over just the last two years, the title of Captain America was passed on to Sam Wilson, aka The Falcon (previously The “Black” Falcon from when most black characters had “black” in their name for some reason), who took the position that black lives do matter. This led him to throw down with a robotic police force sent by explicitly racist politicians to “pacify” black neighborhoods. At the same time, another Marvel character, Nighthawk, spends his evenings beating up white supremacists that threaten black communities.

Comic books have never been a safe haven for racists and the idea that Superman wouldn’t protect immigrants (being one himself) says more about the person bitching about it than it does about the “communist propaganda” that they find so offensive.

Just remember, Captain America punched Hitler in the face. Superheros have always defended the American ideals Trumpsters abandoned a long time ago.

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