Taxpayers Spent $70,000 So Trump’s Sons Could Go To Dubai

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Guess what, everyone? You just had the pleasure of spending tens of thousands of dollars so Donald Jr and Eric Trump could go on a trip to Dubai! Aren’t you just over the moon? Me too.

No, seriously. What in the actual fuck?

According to CBS News:

President Trump’s sons’ visit to Dubai this week has costed taxpayers a minimum of $73,000 in security costs, according to government purchase orders viewed by CBS News. The purchase orders describe the costs for United States Secret Service agents to stay at hotels close to the Trump property and car service for the trip listed as being from March 26 through April 8.

According to the report, the Trumps went to the country to spend time with one of their business partners, Hussain Sajwani, because Sajwani’s daughter is getting married. The pair also visited one of their golf courses.

Seventy-thousand dollars is more than most families in America make in an entire year. The median income for families in our country is roughly $57,000. It’s insanity.

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In 2017, Donald Trump spent $6 million tax dollars to travel to his country club in Florida. The travel budget of his entire family drained the Secret Service early. It was so broke at one point that agents were not being paid, and still, the Trumps continue their travels. It’s enough to make you want to scream, right?

Look, I get it: the Trump Organization has business outside of the U.S. and sometimes they have to travel there. But Christ on a cracker, taxpayers are sick and tired of paying tens of thousands of dollars for it.

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