Ted Cruz’s Twitter Cover Photo Perfectly Exemplifies Why The GOP Is Doomed

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The Republican Party has a huge problem and it is something other than the tin-pot dictator who is currently squatting in the White House: they are way too old and way too white. I was recently meandering around Twitter, checking on Republican lawmakers to see what kind of fuckery they’ve been up to and noticed that Senator Ted Cruz’s (R-Tx) cover photo perfectly illustrated how white and old the GOP really is:

Holy shit, that’s a lot of white people with even whiter hair.

According to recent reports, the GOP’s regressive policies, horrible rhetoric, terrible economic policies and rampant discrimination is causing the party to hemorrhage millennial voters and while this is not a problem yet, it most certainly will be. USA Today explained how bad the problem is for the GOP in a report earlier this month:

But what’s notable is that younger voters are generally mad AF at President Trump and ready to clap back at the ballot box — right as Millennials are prepared to eclipse Baby Boomers as America’s largest generation of eligible voters. While Trump is already historically unpopular for a new president, his appeal to America’s closest to death is keeping his ratings afloat, according to pollster William Jordan. Among younger voters, however, the president has already sunk to the level of George W. Bush in 2008 — after W had led America into the Hurricane Katrina debacle, two failed wars and the beginning of the Great Recession.

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As of now, Baby Boomers are America’s biggest voting bloc and Baby Boomers LOVE Republican policies. These are the people who grew up during the Civil Rights movement and cheered while black people were sprayed with hoses and attacked by dogs. These are the people who elected Ronald Reagan, George W Bush, and Donald Trump. These are the people who caused the Great Recession and made the country so unstable that millennials have absolutely no economic stability or job security. And the new tax bill passed by Republicans ensures that we never will. If you are a Baby Boomer who has fought against all of that, we applaud you, but you are the exception, not the rule.

This loss of young voters wouldn’t be such a big deal if the GOP had some other voting blocs to fall back on, but they’ve turned most of those off too. Latinos are becoming the biggest minority group in America and the Republican Party has spent years attacking their families. They’ve been waging a war on women for years. African-Americans are a powerful force as well and conservatives have done absolutely nothing to show them that they care. In fact, the GOP often attacks groups like Black Lives Matter and the DOJ has turned their attention away from dangerous white supremacist groups to focus on “black identity extremists.” 

Republicans are convinced that they can continue down this lily-white path because it is what has always worked for them but the electorate is changing and they are going to go extinct. Maybe not in 5 years, or 10 years, or even 20 years, but eventually they will wake up and their base is going to be dead. And there aren’t going to be enough neo-Nazis to keep them in power.

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