Texas Sub. Teacher Duct Tapes Ten Elementary School Students’ Mouths

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Good help is hard to find. Maxdale Elementary School in Killeen, Texas found this out the hard way. Recently, a substitute teacher was banned from the school district for her odd handling of a class of 10-year-olds. She duct-taped 10 students’ mouths shut. No one has speculated on her odd, harmful disciplinary practice.

One student wasn’t going to sit and allow the teacher to do it, so he ripped the tape off his mouth. She promptly placed it back on. He told officials that his mouth was taped shut for at least 15 minutes.

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The substitute had been working with the school district since January 2016. It wasn’t immediately known if she had subbed at this particular elementary school before. Her identity has not been released at this time.

What would have happened if one of the students had a seizure while their mouth was taped shut? What could have happened if a student had an allergy to the adhesive on the tape? What if a student had a cold and wasn’t able to breathe through their nose? This teacher obviously didn’t use her common sense.

Terry Abbott, communications officer for the Killeen Independent School District stated,

The leadership of Maxdale Elementary School and the Killeen Independent School District are deeply saddened by this event. The principal has informed parents, and has reassured parents that the staff will continue to work hard to make sure every child at the campus is absolutely safe every day.

Perhaps it’s time we change our hiring practices when it comes to substitute teachers. Incidences like this are enough to make any parent enraged and terrified.

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