Texas Woman Finds Herself In Feud With Sheriff Over Anti-Trump Decals (Images)

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A Texas woman has found herself in a feud with her local sheriff over the anti-Trump decals on her husband’s pickup. Karen Fonseca and her husband really dislike Trump. They hate him so much, they added a very large decal to the back glass of their truck to make their position clear. It reads: F*ck Trump and Fuck You For Voting For Him.

Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls took offense to the Fonsecas’ decal. He posted a picture of the truck on his Facebook account and said that the driver should be charged with disorderly conduct. He also asked if anyone knew who she was. The sheriff even said that the prosecutor wanted to bring charges. However, the district attorney says that was never the case.

As a result, Mrs. Fonseca did get arrested because of the Facebook post. Apparently, she had an outstanding warrant stemming from a 2015 incident regarding alleged fraudulent possession or use of identifying information. The details of that are unknown. However,  when she was released from jail, a second decal was added to her truck. It reads in letters not quite as big as the Trump decal: F*ck Troy Nehls and F*ck You For Voting For Him. Yeah, it’s crass and it’s immature. However, it is perfectly legal.

She says she is not removing the decals.

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