The British Tell Trump To Mind His Own D*mn Business

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Donald Trump loves speculating about why others just aren’t as great as America. On Friday morning, he was compelled to tweet about the British crime rate – and blame it on “radical Islamic terror.” He has to keep the sheep scared so they’ll continue to follow him. He just can’t seem keep that phrase out of his mouth or off the tips of his fingers.

Actually, Trump, the crime increase in Britain has a lot to do with gang-related violence, not Islamic terrorism. Police also cite a cut in their budgets, as well. But, when has Trump ever been accused of being an honest person?

U.K. politicians were not having Trump’s false rhetoric. Labour Party MP Chris Bryant stated,

Butt out of it mister president.You have more murders in New York or Chicago every year than we do in the whole country so we’re not going to take any lessons from you.

Another MP, Stephen Doughty, said,

Donald Trump would be better paced looking at issues in his own country such as the huge number of deaths from gun violence which despite repeated atrocities from Sandy Hook to Las Vegas, the US government have failed to take action on.

Ooooh, burn! But, it’s the truth. If little children being shot up in their classroom is not considered a domestic terrorist act and does not cause our citizens to amend our gun laws, nothing will. Doughty was on-point saying Trump needs to worry about the US’s problems. We have more than we can count. Attempting to make us look better by comparing us to a relatively peaceful nation is completely asinine.

Making blatantly false equivalencies about crime and Muslims is xenophobic at best. It’s just one more lie to add to Trump’s collection he stores in his small mind.

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