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The New Meaning Of ‘GOP’: It Ain’t ‘Grand Old Party,’ But It Fits Them MUCH Better

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Many of us are probably asking this question, especially millennials who may not have had much exposure to our politics before Barack Obama woke them up and Bernie Sanders captured their attention. Honestly, it is a damn good question “has the GOP always been this off the rails?”

AJ+’s Francesca Fiorentini explores the Republican Party’s apparent digression from sanity, “it used to be the ‘Grand Old Party.’ Now, it is ‘Going On Pathological.'” There was a time that Republicans were seen as something of the “elders” of the political world, dignified almost, certainly behind the times, usually opposed to new ideas or science, and often racist or sexist in that way that old people are; but not actually certifiable nutjobs.

Sure there have always been extremes in any party, but suddenly it is really clear that the majority of the GOP has become nothing more than a loose gathering of hate-mongers, drunken Libertarians, and hard-line fundamentalists raging over fictitious “baby parts” and how soon the actual end of the world is coming.

They care about business, bombs, guns, and the Constitution (well, as long as it supports Christian Supremacy and the so-called sanctity of marriage, they do) but can’t seem to be bothered to care for Americans in poverty or even the Veterans returning from the wars they also seem to love as economic stimulus packages.

So here ya go, the perfect storm of stupid:

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