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The New Yorker’s ‘Five Stages Of White House Employment’ Cartoon Disgustingly Accurate

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In a hilariously accurate cartoon that was published two days before White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus resigned, The New Yorker depicts the five stages of white house employment.

In the cartoon drawing, an optimistic looking man starts on the Trump conveyor belt, garbed in the requisite red MAGA hat and an idiotic grin. He starts to look a little leery as he shakes Trump’s hand, who reassures the man with a childish “a-ok” sign. As the man moves along the conveyor belt, he begins to look dejected and shell-shocked whilst Trump is seen scowling and sharpening a knife in the background. The last view of the unlucky former Trump employee is of him exiting the room with a knife in his back.

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The cartoon is timely, especially considering that it came out just prior to Priebus’ resignation. It also brings a disturbing trend within the Trump administration to light: Trump fires anyone who dares to disagree with him, and those who do stick up for him and his crazy policies get vilified by the man they supported and are eventually sacrificed as scapegoats to distract America from Trump’s illegal activities.

We are not sure what you were taught in business school, Mr. Trump, but we were always led to believe that high staff turnover rates were bad for business, bad for morale, and signified a larger problem within upper management. Not that we are insinuating that you are doing a horrible job running the country, but..YOU ARE DOING A HORRIBLE JOB RUNNING THE COUNTRY.

Let’s face it, your administration is part junk show, part circus act.

Here is some advice from our mostly forgotten business classes in college: get right to the root of the problem and fire the person that is causing these issues. If you have to go to the top of the totem pole to get results, do it. After all, the most important thing here is the success of the business country, right? RIGHT??

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