The President Tweeted Four Of 2017’s Most Popular Tweets – President Obama, That Is

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Buzzfeed compiled a list of the 13 most popular tweets of 2017. These consist of the 10 most retweeted tweets and the three most liked tweets. Donald Trump, who tweets almost every day, may not be aware of this list. If he is, we can just imagine him frantically searching for one of his tweets that his bot followers retweet automatically. We all know how much he’s obsessed with ratings and numbers. He is going to be severely disappointed.

The most popular tweet of the year was tweeted by President Barack Obama. Presidential tweets are popular, as long as you aren’t Donald Trump spewing hatred all over the internet. Out of the 13 tweets Buzzfeed listed, four of those were by our former POTUS, #44.

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We have listed the tweets here for your viewing pleasure in order of least popular to most popular. As you read them, be content with the knowledge that none of these were angrily punched out on a phone by Trump while sitting on the toilet at 5 AM.

This was Obama’s last tweet as President. We wish there were a “better man” in office now. This tweet makes us long for what used to be.

This was the final line in his farewell speech. We have definitely been tasked in 2017 with learning how strong we can be and how fervently we can resist.

This tweet actually appeared on the list twice – once for the most liked and once for one of the most retweeted. This was Obama’s tweet after the march in Charlottesville.

Obama tweeted this after it was revealed that McCain was diagnosed with brain cancer. This tweet exemplifies what it means to be a real leader – a real man of honor. Remember: Trump’s heroes were never captured.

These tweets made us nostalgic for a time when real men with real hearts led this country. As we face an uncertain future with our fearful, new leader, at least we can look back to when we were proud of our president.

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