The White House Does Not Care About Young Black Men Being Murdered

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By now most of us know Stephon Clark‘s name. He was the young black man in Sacramento who was killed in his grandparents’ backyard. Police mistook him for a petty thief and shot 20 bullets at him. Even if he had been the man they were looking for, 20 bullets seem excessive for breaking into three cars on the street. Unfortunately, this type of scenario is all too familiar in the United States. Most people, liberals included, have become complacent about the deaths.

The White House has nothing to say about these deaths unless some football players decide to take a knee to protest police violence against African Americans during the National Anthem.

During Monday’s press briefing, Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah was asked if Trump had anything to say about Stephon Clark’s untimely and unearned death. He answered,

I’m not aware of any comments that he has. I haven’t asked him about that directly. Obviously the president cares about any individual who’d be harmed through no fault of their own. I don’t know the specifics in that case and I don’t want to comment any further.

What in the actual fuck? Apparently Trump, and the White House by proxy, only has an opinion when people protest the murders of these men. He has tweeted about NFL players not standing for the National Anthem over a dozen times. The White House has basically taken one stance about these men dying needlessly: it doesn’t give a shit unless you are outraged over it.

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Here are a few tweets from Trump to refresh your memory:

Here he should have just tweeted that he doesn’t give a shit about our First Amendment rights. Or that we shouldn’t peacefully protest the murder of men who did not deserve to die.

How can we respect a country who lets its black men be hunted by those who are paid to protect them?

Hmm, and now Kelly is gone.

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Maybe you have noticed Trump’s capitalization issues in his tweets. He capitalizes what he wants his base to latch upon – and they are stupid enough to fall for it every damn time. Trump has convinced them that it’s only outrageous that some in the NFL kneel during a song, not that men are dying in our streets.

Now those NFL players are being joined by players in the NBA. The Sacramento Kings and the Boston Celtics both wore matching t-shirts during Monday’s game to show their solidarity and to take a stand instead of kneeling. The shirts read on the front:
Accountability. We Are One.

On the back:

And to stifle those who will tell them to stick to sports, the Kings and Celtics made a video collage of various, public messages to be displayed on the Jumbotron during a first-quarter timeout:

We need to take their advice. We shouldn’t shut up. We should never give up any form of peaceful protest until innocent men cease to be gunned down in our streets. We need to quit being complacent and allowing this happen over and over again.

Now, we await the angry tweets.

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