These Two NFL Players Did The Most Shocking Thing — In A MALL! (VIDEO)

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We’ve been hearing all the hoopla about the National Football League (NFL) and the #TakeAKnee campaign. President Donald Trump has made countless tweets denouncing players, coaches, and whole teams and calling for a boycott of Sunday afternoon football games. All because some players have been exercising their First Amendment rights by taking a knee during the playing of the national anthem. It’s been crazy.

The movement started when Colin Kaepernick, former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, took a knee during a game in 2016. At the end of the game, he explained his actions, stating that he had done it to bring attention to the racial injustice in America. His teammates supported him, but most didn’t take a knee.

At the end of the season, the 49ers released him to free agent status, where he remains. No NFL team wants him because he is “controversial.” But he stood for something by kneeling that day, and the movement is growing. His name is known in almost every household in America. But it wasn’t football that made him famous. He lost everything that day — his career as a quarterback is over.

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However, his career as an American hero is just beginning.

Young Jaden Watts, at 10 years old, probably doesn’t understand the full impact of what Kaepernick did, but he liked Kaepernick because of it. So even though he is a Dallas Cowboys fan, Jaden wears a Kaepernick jersey. He was wearing it the other day in a Washington DC-area Game Stop. Jaden wanted a new Xbox and was asking the salesperson how much they cost so he could start saving his money.

Two burly guys overheard Jaden’s conversation with the sales clerk. They noticed Jaden’s jersey. They whispered to each other about doing something because the kid was wearing it. They approached Jaden.

And they offered to buy the Xbox for him for his birthday – because he was wearing a Kaepernick jersey.

The two men were Keith Marshall and Rob Kelley. You might not know their names, but they are running backs for the Washington Redskins. And they serve as an example of perfect Americans. They are what my America is all about. They were impressed that young Jaden was wearing a Kaepernick jersey and that he knew what it stood for — he knew what Kaepernick kneeled for.

When they told Jaden what they wanted to do, he ran to the shop next door to get his grandma, Saundra Watts, who was getting her make-up done. She wrote on Facebook that she got up to go to the Game Stop with less than wholesome thoughts in her head:

So I go next door and as I am walking over there I am thinking what pervert wants to buy my grandson an Xbox. I am thinking he is going to be in for a rude awakening when I bust through these doors. (I am an advocate for abused and neglected kids).

The men introduced themselves to Watts, explained what they wanted to do and why. They talked, they took pictures, Kelley and Marshall purchased the Xbox for Jaden. The Washington Redskins cultivated two new fans with their generosity. They left Watts speechless. These men are what professional athletes should be. They are role models. They give our youth something to aspire to.

So Jaden has a new Xbox, and a basketball game for his Xbox (because he’s more of a basketball guy than a football guy). And two new friends on the Washington Redskins.

Because he was wearing a Colin Kaepernick jersey.

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