This Google Map Shows The Top Misspelled Word By State. Texas Will Make You Laugh (Or Cry)

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You can learn a lot about a state from its internet habits. Like, for instance, the fact that Utah, the reddest of red states and Ground Zero for the virulently anti-porn Mormon Church, is also the #1 consumer of online porn. Or that lesbian sex is suuuuuper popular in most of the United States, including the ostensibly anti-gay Bible Belt. Ain’t hypocrisy fun?

Just for fun, Google released a map of America which each state listing which word people ask “how to spell” the most. Some of the words are easy to understand. I mean, who really knows how to spell “Leprechaun” (top word for two states) off the top of their head? And “Pneumonia” (three states) has been tripping people up forever. Even “Gray” (3 states) I can see. Grey. Gray. WHATEVER!

Personally, I was disappointed to find out my state of origin, New York, had trouble with “Beautiful” but at least Colorado was right there with us. I was less annoyed to find out my current home, Virginia, had a lot of company in misspelling “Cancelled” along with Delaware, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. This, curiously, was the only word with a geographic cluster. Even “Desert” (4 states) wasn’t centered around the actual deserts in the Southwest.

However, the award for best irony goes to Massachusetts whose most troublesome word was….”Massachusetts.”

But then there’s Texas. Texas’s problem word really plays to the absolute worst stereotypes of southern rednecks. Not only is the word the easiest word to spell on the map, it has certain…connotations, this being the deep south and all:



Seriously? The jokes write themselves. Between the bad spelling and the…ahem…close family ties, this is just cringe-inducing. I know, I know, I’m not being fair. But it could be worse. It could have been “Cousin.”

Oh wait….That was Nevada.


Soooooo…that happened.

Here’s the full map for you to peruse (click here for a larger version ):

Google spelling

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