Thoughts & Prayers: The Game Makes Sanctimony Over Gun Control Easier Than Ever

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Are you ready to do absolutely NOTHING about gun control in the coolest way possible, with snazzy retro graphics and a pulse-pounding rock n’ roll soundtrack?

Then get ready for Thoughts & Prayers: The Game!!!!

With just a couple of clicks, you too, can rapid-fire empty, meaningless gestures of solidarity to the victims of gun violence nationwide faster and easier than ever before! Be the envy of ammosexuals and gundamentalists everywhere by spreading sanctimony farther and faster than Wayne LaPierre could in his most apocalyptic wet dreams, with the added benefit of Total! Fucking! Anyonymity! No one even has to know how much you don’t care about doing the right thing anymore! It’s so cool!

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Think and pray hard enough like your fellow good Germans and you might even force a conversation about assault weapons ban! Uh-oh! You know what that calls for, don’t you?

More thoughts! More prayers! Awwwww yeah!!!!!

The best part of all is that the game is totally free to play online, meaning you can sit idly by and do nothing for as long as you damned well please! At least, you can until the next mass shooter mows down your office, or your schoolyard, or your movie theater, or your concert venue. But don’t worry, when that happens (did you say “if?” Shhhyeahhh, riiiiight…) there will be plenty of people ready, willing, and able to offer you their thoughts and prayers with Total! Fucking! Anyonymity! as hard and fast as you pushed them on everyone else! It’s a perfect system!

Thoughts & Prayers: The Game is brought to you by the NRA, the GOP, and every single bloody person in America who wants you to believe that guns deserve more protection under the law than the body politic.

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