Time Magazine Quick To Correct Trump’s Narcissistic Announcement

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Apparently President Donald Trump doesn’t realize that when he tells the big lies in a public forum that everyone can see them — including whoever he happens to be lying about this minute. On Friday afternoon, Trump tweeted out an announcement that PROBABLY made him feel like a pretty big boy in the world:

Unfortunately for Trump, after his magnanimous announcement yesterday, it took less than three hours for Time magazine to respond:

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Allan Murray, the chief content officer at Time was less diplomatic with his tweeted response to Trump:

Trump was called on his constant lies and narcissistic nature once again. And the world laughed at him again.

Ouch — that’s gotta hurt. And of course, Corey Lewandowski, one of Trump’s biggest cheerleaders had to add his commentary to the mix during an appearance on Fox News:

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Trump has gone round and round with Time magazine in the past. In June it was revealed that Trump had been displaying a fake Time magazine cover in his golf clubs and the magazine requested that the fake covers be removed.

During an interview with Time magazine on March 22, Trump was asked about his many false tales. He was taken to the cleaners during the interview and called out by PolitiFact. And the world laughed.

The sad part is that he really was their “Man of the Year” last year — much to the dismay of a majority of people who didn’t vote for him. But Time magazine has never been a magazine to go with the flow of popularity in their yearly award, as it is based on newsworthiness rather than who the world currently likes.

In the past they have awarded that title to a plethora of hated historical figures such as Adolf Hitler (1938), Joseph Stalin (1939 and 1942), Richard Nixon (1971), Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger (1972), and even Vladimir Putin (2007). So adding Trump to the list last year wasn’t really much of a shock.

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