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‘Time’ Reporter Choked And Slammed To The Ground By Secret Service At Trump Rally

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How much more does America have to see? Trump has promised us an America in which any undesirables can be rounded up and jailed or deported, where the First Amendment no longer protects the Press, and where speaking ill of the President or even just protesting him will have you assaulted or jailed.

In a frightening foreshadowing of the hideous prospect of a Trump presidency yet another assault at a Trump rally. The twist: this time it was a credentialed reporter who reportedly works for TIME, and the assault was done by Trump’s security — most likely an actual Secret Service agent. The Secret Service has given no comment at this time, but here is what we have gathered from multiple sources:

Annie Anderson, a reporter for WSET posted this:

Joe Perticone, a Congressional Reporter:

Gabby Morrongiello, of the DC Examiner:

And finally, the updates — the reporter is indeed from TIME, his name is Chris Morris and he was arrested for the privilege of being assaulted at the rally. Why? For indicating how he was choked on the security personnel that assaulted him.

Annie Anderson’s update from Twitter:

All of this happened because the reporter said the words “f*ck you” to the Security person:

This is the America that we can look forward to if Trump wins. A Trump win may be inevitable if Democrats do not vote. Go, vote for your candidate in your primary or caucus, contact your congressmen and governors and tell them to vote with the people that put them in office, and then vote BLUE in November. Everything depends on it.


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