Tomi Lahren Gets Called Out On Twitter For Dictating How To Display National Pride

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Tomi Lahren, right-wing, Fox News pundit, has had a lot to say about the protests of the Star-Spangled Banner in the NFL. As you can imagine, it’s nothing good. To be fair, she does get paid to run her perfectly-lipsticked mouth that spews hateful static all day long.

Recently, the NAACP of California has started a movement to declare The Star-Spangled Banner racist and have it removed as the national anthem. As you can imagine, Lahren and those of her ilk are having none of it. She is fired up that all Americans do not display their national pride in the way she feels fit.

She tweeted,

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This is just a watered-down version of telling blacks who complain about anything to “go back to Africa.” She may deny it, but we all know it’s the truth. Twitter users were quick to let her know what they thought of her remarks.

All of these non inclusive right-wing blowhards belong to the highest order of hypocrites.

Angry sorority robot, indeed. This description is positively poetic.

To be quite honest, I’ve always felt silly dedicating any song to a country.

That man would have been long gone.

Petty, but not unfunny –  public firings have to be the worst, right Tomi?

And just a reminder of how Lahren “respects” the flag.

It has never been mandatory to stand for the national anthem – she’s thinking of North Korea. So, while she preaches to us while wearing the American flag, I’ll keep pointing out her stupidity.

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