Tomi Lahren Just Got Shamed For Being A Moron Again (Video)

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Fox News darling, Tomi Lahren, is the young, blonde anti-liberal (unless it comes to reproductive rights or health care). Her Final Thoughts segment always consists of her loudly and angrily trying to call liberals out for what she deems “stupidity.” She really is an angry young asshole lady. It’s too bad that her anger isn’t truly legitimate – it’s only a paycheck for her. She’s the pretty, female version of Alex Jones.

Today, she tweeted a link to her Facebook page of her ranting for two minutes straight putting down Californians and Governor Jerry Brown for sanctuary cities. She ranted in part:

Yes, I now live in California and it’s a beautiful state. We’ve got the ocean, the mountains, forest and whacko liberals more than happy to regulate everything except illegal immigration. Welcome to the Golden State. A state that is not only perfectly OK with harboring and shielding illegal immigrants, but is actually proud of it.

Twitter wasn’t having it. In fact, she’s one of Twitter’s favorite targets because she opens herself to ridicule every time she opens her mouth.

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Republican hypocrisy knows no bounds, but don’t dare point it out to them.

Watch the video below. Notice the Alex Jones’ trademarked crescendo she uses to prove her point:

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