Tomi Lahren Made A Dumb On Twitter And It Didn’t End Well

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On Saturday, ABC News announced they were suspending Brian Ross over an erroneous report. A day before his suspension Ross reported that “then-candidate” Donald Trump directed Mike Flynn to contact the Russians. If this were true it would have been a HUGE bombshell and proven collusion between the Trump Campaign and Russia; the problem is, it wasn’t true. Later that evening ABC issued a correction and explained that it was “president-elect” Trump who issued the directive, not the candidate. In other words: no collusion.

ABC handled the situation appropriately and in the same manner any other news organization would handle a mistake, but their correction and Ross’ suspension wasn’t enough for the right-wing blowhards like Tomi Lahren. The 23-year-old Fox correspondent took ABC’s mistake and turned it into a whole “Fake News” extravaganza, tweeting:

Now, I’m going to say that issuing a correction and suspending the person who made the mistake pretty much stopped the “fake news,” but Lahren doesn’t seem to understand how to common sense. Much to our amusement, Twitter users were happy to mock the loudmouthed imbecile:

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Honestly, I don’t know why she keeps trying to sound “woke,” her ignorance is so profound it’s breathtaking at times. But, I guess that’s why she fits in so well at Fox News.

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