Tomi Lahren Posed For A Poster — Concerned ‘Fans’ Fixed It For Her

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Fox News has exemplified the “dumb blonde” stereotype by hiring a ton of blondes and portraying them as idiots and making them news anchors and commentators. Occasionally, one of them gets snagged for a conservative cause on the side. Such is the case with Tomi Lahren, who was recently borrowed from Fox News by Turning Point USA for a poster campaign about “Liberal Snowflakes.”

They would have been better addressing the commentary to President Donald Trump. He thinks everything is free because he’s never had to worry about money. He constantly whines until people get so sick of listening to it that they give in and let him have what he is whining about. He screams incessantly according to insider reports. He thinks he is a YUGE winner, but all he really is is a YUGE whiner. There are no safe places for him where people who hate him cannot reach him to let him know.

Graphic designers poured out of the woodwork to help Turning Point USA with their message. Among our favorites were this one pointing out the insanity of Keurig smashers:

Then there is this one that describes what an actual snowflake is:

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There were other responses to the poster too, pointing out the hypocrisy of having Tomi Lahren as the poster girl:

This one because, when asked about her thoughts on the cost of insurance, privileged little Tomi actually admitted, on live TV, that she was still covered under her parent’s policy:

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This was by far my personal favorite rendition. It says it all, in one meme:

While Fox News’ talking heads continue to wow their ancient audiences, the rest of us will be cruising Twitter and making fun of their idiocy. They can smash their coffee pots — they were paid for so what does Keurig care if they get smashed? I do have a concern though — Volvo recently ditched advertising on the Hannity show — it won’t be such a good thing if they start smashing those!

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