Tomi Lahren Ridiculed After Posting A Profoundly Ignorant Photo

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Tomi Lahren is one of those people who starts to speak and you can’t help but roll your eyes. The 23-year-old conservative darling makes a fool of herself all the time with her hyper-patriotic nonsense that seems to lack any understanding of what America is all about. And she proved this once again on Thanksgiving.

Instead of focusing on family and what she was grateful for, Lahren pulled a Donald Trump and tweeted about the NFL. Specifically, she posted a photo of Colin Kaepernick kneeling in front of American troops storming the beaches of Normandy on D-Day with the caption “Food for thought.” Of course, she didn’t understand that the U.S. soldiers who gave their lives in World War II did it to protect our freedom to express the rights afforded to us by the Constitution, including our First Amendment rights. Not only did those soldiers fight and die for our rights, but they saved the lives of millions of Europeans who had lost all of theirs. Basically, the only thought a person with an understanding of history could have when looking at that photo is,”Wow, yeah, that’s exactly what those brave men were fighting for.” And for that reason, the internet mocked the shit out of Lahren:

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If Lahren would just stop talking and pick up a history book we would not have to keep making fun of her. Hell, she could even pick up one of those overly conservative history books that are out there and she’d still learn the same thing about what the military has fought for (Hint: It’s not the flag). Instead, she will continue to post this kind of partisan propaganda and we will continue to rip her narrative apart. You’re welcome.

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