Tomi Lahren Trashed After Attacking Parkland Survivors AGAIN

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On Saturday, more than a million people took to the streets worldwide in marches organized by the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting survivors and conservative America was pissed. Tomi Lahren, one Fox News’ most obnoxious mouthpieces, spent Saturday rage tweeting about the marches, but she didn’t stop when the events were over. On Sunday, the super-duper Christian, decided to honor her god by once again attacking the kids once again.

On Sunday evening, Lahren tweeted a photo of a Star Tribune headline about the marches that said,”Let’s make some history.” This was apparently just too much for her small brain to handle and she lashed out:

There’s just so much stupid there. First of all, the students who marched were not marching against “Constitutional rights.” They were marching to beg lawmakers to follow the Constitution and enact laws to ensure our “militia” is “well-regulated” like the Founding Fathers described when they wrote the Second Amendment. Perhaps Tomi, has not actually read that far.

Second, what in the world does immigration have to do with a march about ending gun violence in America? Nothing, that’s what. The March for Our Lives organizers haven’t said anything about immigration because they are busy worrying about ending gun violence. Tomi, on the other hand, is only concerned about launching baseless attacks on teenagers because she’s a pathetic piece of human garbage who seeks to divide and Twitter was more than happy to let her know what they think about her:

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Poor Tami, maybe one day she will see the light and stop shilling for the uneducated. Who am I kidding? As long as there is a paycheck in it for her, she’ll keep drumming up fear and attacking children.

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