Totally-Not-Racist Joe Walsh Calls Stevie Wonder An ‘Ungrateful, Black Millionaire’

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Joe Walsh is one of the figures who rose to prominence with the Teabaggers, and he’s practically the mascot for the movement. A deadbeat dad and unrepentant racist, Walsh is the whole Teabagger movement squirted into one singularly awful human-shaped sausage casing.

If you need more evidence Walsh is a terrible person, he once rewrote the “I have a dream” speech as a way to take potshots at black people and whined Michelle Obama was making a political point by attending the funeral of a young woman killed in an accident. Thus, that he can tweet something like this shouldn’t be surprising:

Wonder kneeled in solidarity with NFL players during the national anthem to protest police brutality against African Americans. This made Walsh mad since everyone is supposed to display brainless patriotism at all times.

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I don’t stand when the national anthem is playing. There’s nothing honorable, brave, or noteworthy about a country that spends more than the next 10 countries combined on military assets while it lets its own citizens die in the streets homeless. There’s nothing worth celebrating about a country that encourages police brutality against individuals who are black or is so paranoid it policies which bathroom its citizens use.

And that’s before we stop to consider the moral gymnastics that went into a bunch of slave owners writing the phrase, “all men are created equal.”

There are good people working to try and change this; who want to see us live up to our ideals, not down to our history. But Walsh isn’t one of them. Walsh, and others like him, embrace and celebrate the moral malfeasance this nation seems to have been founded on.

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Fortunately, Twitter users were there to tear into Walsh.

Really, the whole threat is spectacular; there’s so much support for Wonder that it should serve as a reminder for Walsh the next time he wants to say something racist and stupid on Twitter.

It won’t. But it should.

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