Transcript Of Mic Convo Between Miller And Tapper After Explosive Interview Released

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On Sunday’s State of the Union, Jake Tapper absolutely owned Donald Trump’s favorite little xenophobe, Stephen Miller. The CNN host was trying to ask Miller questions but the White House mouthpiece just rambled on and on about how mean CNN is and how great the president is. Tapper, unable to get a straight answer from Miller, finally ended the interview. After the show cut to commercial, however, there was a confrontation between Tapper and Miller again, right before the alt-right jackass was removed from the set by security and their conversation was caught on hot mics.

Arden Farhi, a producer for CBS News obtained a transcript from the off-camera conversation and posted it on Twitter. Tapper, still not giving any fucks, told Miller,”This is the reason they don’t put you out on TV. Okay? This is the reason.” Miller continued to argue before, finally, Tapper dismissed him again and he was removed from the set:

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The interview was pretty fantastic and the convo off-camera was just as good. It’s nice to see journalists stop pussy-footing around the members of this administration and finally handling them with the disdain they deserve when they refuse to answer questions. It’s very simple when a member of a presidential administration goes on television they are doing so to answer the questions the American people want to know, if they can’t do that then they have no business in our government or on tv.

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