Trump Assures Governors NRA Is On Their Side

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As the nation reels in the wake of the tragic high school shooting in Florida that left 17 dead, state governors are feeling the heat and exploring ways to reduce gun violence. However, the ever-relentless National Rifle Association (NRA) is losing money as a new generation of gun violence foes sporting the #NEVERAGAIN hashtag make their voices heard. Part of their call is to convince everyone to stop supporting the organization.

More than 35 state governors attended a meeting at the White House today and Donald Trump assured them that the NRA is “on our side.” Whatever that means.

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The NRA has to be the most inflexible organization in existence. They have waged battle against every single effort to make gun sales more safe for generations while shooting victims bleed out and die. Like Trump, the NRA fails to make any type of sense. Guns are like big 4×4 pickup trucks that men drive to make up for their low self-esteem. Gun advocates are fear mongers and downright crybabies when confronted with the idea of not packing heat because they live petrified of everything they don’t understand.

Gun-Toting Teachers?

Now Trump wants to arm teachers; people who chose to educate children as a career, the farthest thing from being a cop or security guard. Can you imagine what would happen if teachers were suddenly armed in classrooms? Truly bad kids would be only a few feet away from a firearm at all times, and big high school students can easily overpower small adult educators, so you can imagine how bad it could be. Plus, who is to say the fully armed teachers would never lose their cool?

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As a journalist covering similar stories for decades, I can tell you from first-hand experience, that people almost never successfully ward off an offender with a gun. Once I covered a story about an old man who blew away a 15-year old neighbor kid who was drunk and entered the neighbor’s garage by mistake. It cost him his life, and that is far closer to a real experience than any imaginary scenarios posed by the NRA about people saving their asses because they were armed.

AR-15’s are for Killing

The idea of military assault weapons being sold to the public is maddening. I learned in the Marine Corps that the M-16 rifle, the military version of the AR-15, is a serious weapon designed expressly to kill human beings. We put a round through a man-sized target at 500 meters! These weapons should have always been restricted to the military, but the NRA would never allow that.

There is some hope. Florida Governor Rick Scott is looking at very small changes for his state, like raising the age of gun buying to 21, something the NRA doesn’t like at all, and he is going to place police in schools throughout Florida. Trump’s concession, is to limit “bump stocks” sales; these devices change a legal assault weapon, into a fully automatic, basically… machine gun.

However, we still have to wonder why Trump is telling our representatives not to worry about the NRA – it’s very telling. The NRA has never been on our side – the side that seeks commonsense gun regulations. There is nothing in it for them.

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