Trump-Endorsed Pastor Says Women Sexually Assault Men When They Wear Provocative Clothes (Audio)

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It seems as though the Trump appeal is strong among the whack-job evangelicals and conspiracy theorists. Crazy attracts crazy. Carl Gallups is no exception – he is as rabid as they come. He is an evangelical who has made his support of Trump very public. He also has his own radio program because it’s what all the narcissists are doing. On his Friday show, he spent a large portion talking about the evils of women wearing provocative clothing.

Did you know that wearing provocative clothing is harassment? I didn’t, either. However, according to Gallups, women sexually harass men when they show some skin. He interviewed Mike Shoesmith, another whack job who gets his money by feeding off those who feel spiritually starved. Shoesmith recently wrote about Hollywood and the sexual harassment that’s coming to light. In his piece, he wrote that women are “legally” guilty of sexual assault if they wear sexy clothing.

He stated on Gallup’s show,

Men are visually stimulated and unwanted stimulation should meet the basic definition of assault. When a man sees a naked or partially-dressed woman, a chemical reaction happens in his brain. Neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin are released, giving him an involuntary surge of pleasure. Notice the word ‘involuntary’ … Men are in a state of constant sexual assault by women who either don’t understand the severity of what they are doing, because it’s cute and they like the attention, or worse, they do know the feelings it stirs and like the control they have over men.

This is just another, tired version of the argument that men cannot control themselves. For an evangelical prick, Shoesmith seems to enjoy spouting scientific bullshit. The idea that women want to “control” men by wearing sexy clothes is primitive, at best.

Both men made sure to express that there is no excuse for sexual harassment, but they seem to think that women bring it upon themselves. Women have been blamed for any sexual aggression toward them for centuries by men just like these two idiots. It really isn’t any surprise that they support the Harasser-In-Chief.

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Listen to the idiot discussion below. We are not responsible for the loss in IQ points.

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