Trump Entertains Scalia Conspiracy Theories As His Support Grows

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Just when you thought Trumplestiltskin Trump couldn’t sink any lower….. He actually decided to embolden conspiracy theorists regarding the death of Antonin Scalia when asked about the theories put out by the cerebrally deficient.  The New York Times reports:

For Donald J. Trump, it appeared unavoidably juicy, and possibly the next big pop-culture fixation. “You know, I just landed, and I’m hearing it’s a big topic,” Mr. Trump told the radio host Michael Savage from South Carolina, in an interview just a few days after the Supreme Court justice’s unexpected death. Even as he said he could not speak to whether a special commission should investigate the death, he added, “They say they found a pillow on his face, which is a pretty unusual place to find a pillow.”

Mr. Trump, unlike most presidential candidates, does not shrink from addressing, and in some ways legitimizing, the wildest of hypotheticals.

It is a major problem to see garbage like this from someone running for the nomination of his party to lead this country. Damn near everything else coming from him, and the rest of the candidates, is proof that NONE of them are capable to lead anything. What is wrong with the minds of people supporting these candidates?

In this writer’s humble opinion, the major problems started when:

  • public education funding was decimated
  • teachers were not allowed to actually teach
  • revisionist history replaced actual history
  • the rise of Fox, the Propaganda Flagship of the right wing
  • religious ideology became more important than reality
  • lies became accepted as total truth

What can we do to combat the serious problems of paranoid stupidity and ignorance in the United States? I have no idea anymore, but whatever it is will be vehemently opposed by the sheeple people who prefer comforting lies to the hard cold face of reality.

Thomas lives in a small little town on a fixed income. He can get blunt on a variety of topics, resulting in hurt feelings. Hobbies include anything to do with cooking, soapmaking, cheese making, and canning. He tends to come off as a grumpy old curmudgeon, but is really a lovable little teddy bear once you get to know him and gain his trust.

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