Trump Gets His A** Handed To Him After Whining About ‘Fake News’

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Everyone really just wants Donald Trump to shut the f*ck up already.

After a relatively quiet day, Trump broke the calm on Sunday to bitch and moan about the media again.

Trump claimed that the media is “purposely” publishing false stories about him and his disastrous administration and whined because nobody is talking about it.

Of course, there were only two real incidents of corrections needing to be issued recently. One was ABC News reporter Brian Ross’ error when he reported that Trump ordered Michael Flynn to contact Russia as a candidate. ABC issued a correction and an apology. CNN did the same thing earlier this week after getting the date wrong on when an email was sent by Wikileaks.

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Journalists make mistakes. It happens. But Trump is using these two mistakes as his proof that every critical story about him and his team is “fake news,” and that’s just plain wrong.

ABC and CNN had the integrity to correct the record and apologize. But that doesn’t mean every story they run is “false.”

But that’s what Trump wants his brain-dead followers to think.

Trump’s afternoon outburst drew mockery from Twitter users.

It should also be pointed out that Fox News was forced to retract the Seth Rich story earlier this year, but Trump never called them “fake news” for it. Fox News also accused a Roy Moore accuser of forging his signature in her yearbook, only to admit that they got the story wrong. But Trump didn’t have a problem with that either.

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Americans are sick and tired of Trump’s constant whining and hypocrisy. To paraphrase Senator Bob Corker, someone needs to alert the daycare staff at the White House. Because someone obviously missed their afternoon shift.

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