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Trump Gets Mocked For Acting Like Jan Brady Over ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’

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It was just a quiet afternoon. And then Donald Trump got on Twitter to whine.

As Robert Mueller continues to close in on Trump and his crime family for colluding with Russia to steal the 2016 Election, Trump complained about it in a post in which he also bragged about himself and claimed to be the most productive president in history.

Except that Russian officials met with Donald Trump Jr. at Trump Tower just before Trump started urging Russia to keep attacking Hillary Clinton and the DNC. In addition, Putin made sure Russian media spread propaganda in support of Trump and it sure looks like Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn are going to flip on him in exchange for deals.

Clearly, Trump is getting scared or he wouldn’t be bitching about the investigation.

But Trump also took credit for things President Obama did, like the economy. Trump has not signed a single piece of economic legislation into law since taking office. In fact, he hasn’t signed any major legislation at all. That’s embarrassing enough for a
president after 100 days. Trump has been in office for ten months.

Under Obama, the stock market hit record highs and unemployment dropped under 5 percent. He also presided over the longest streak of job growth in American history at 75 months. Trump inherited all of this. He didn’t do a damn thing to cause it so he deserves ZERO credit.

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Trump’s whining and bragging made Twitter users laugh their asses off.

However, it was former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara who took the top prize for mocking Trump with this brilliant tweet.

Mic. Dropped.

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