Trump Gets Trashed For Literally Cutting Regulations With Giant Scissors

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Apparently, Donald Trump had nothing better to do so he ordered his minions to stack some paper and put some red tape on it so he could cut it.

You know, because Trump is a f*cking five-year-old child.

On Thursday, Trump delivered a speech on cutting regulations and then made a spectacle of it by stacking a ton of paper to represent the number of rules and regulations in the present day compared to a smaller stack representing 1960. Before cutting the tape with gold scissors, Trump promises to deregulate to the point where the stacks of paper are reduced to less than the number in 1960.

So, Trump literally wants to take America back to pre-1960. The would deregulate so much that we might as well declare anarchy. Because who needs a clean environment, safe food and water, worker safety, speed limits, poison control standards, safe roads and bridges, building codes, and many other regulations that keep America out of the dark ages anyway?

Trump’s deregulation ceremony was so ridiculous that Twitter mercilessly mocked him.

Seriously, someone take those scissors away from him before someone gets hurt.

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  1. Tell me dear Lib, have you read all the pages to see exactly how important they are or are you (again) shooting off your liberal mouth about things in which you know nothing about? Most of these regulations are bullshit like your liberal priorities.

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