Trump Goes Full Misogynist, Complains About Hillary’s ‘Screaming’

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Donald Trump has a Hillary Clinton problem. Specifically, he can’t seem to attack her without resorting to over the top sexism. At a rally in California, Trump’s attack on Hillary was the equivalent of running up behind her and pulling her hair.

Via TPM:

On Friday, he acknowledged that it wasn’t politically correct for him to say certain things about Clinton.

“Do you think Hillary looks presidential?” Trump asked the crowd. “I don’t think so.”

He then teased out his feelings about Clinton’s voice.

“I’m not going to say it,” he said. “I refuse to say that I cannot stand her screaming into the microphone all the time.”

Because when a man raises his voice, he’s manly and forceful. When a woman does it, she’s screaming and hysterical. You can expect a lot more of this kind of misogyny in the coming months. Trump’s long history of treating women as objects to be used and discarded is going to be a YUUUUGE handicap going into the general election. He’ll be psychologically incapable of viewing Clinton as a rival and will instead treat her like one of his bimbos. Clinton, of course, will flay him alive and Trump will react by throwing a world class temper tantrum that a woman, A WOMAN!, had the nerve to belittle him.

And because Trump has the rhetorical skills of an 8-year-old schoolyard bully, he wasn’t quite finished:

He said that he had to turn off the television on Thursday night when he heard Clinton speaking because he “just couldn’t stand it,” though he did not specify what he was watching.

“But I won’t say it because we’re not allowed to say it, right?” he asked the crowd.

Isn’t he cute? Trump won’t let political correctness, or any standards of civility, stop him from being a douche because he’s such a man’s man.

If you’re not looking forward to Hillary slapping Trump down in a debate and the petulant twitter whining that will follow, you may need to check your pulse.

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