Trump Has An $89,000 Fluffer

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Apparently, there is a position at the White House with the official title White House Director of Rapid Response. Andy Hemming currently holds that position and makes a salary of $89,000 as long as Trump will keep him around. You might wonder what the director of rapid response actually does: Andy is basically Trump’s fluffer.

Just in case you don’t know, a fluffer is a person who keeps stars in the adult entertainment industry camera and stage ready. By that I mean some of the male stars need some help in retaining their … ahem … firmness for the camera. Cue the fluffer! The fluffer will be all over that and perk things up in a hurry. In polite terms, they are skilled at stroking egos.

Andy gets paid almost $90K per year to find anything positive in the media on Trump. Trump’s ego needs constant spit-shinings to keep up his game of being the world’s biggest dick.

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According to former Trump spokesman Jason Miller,

There’s so much good news that’s coming out of this administration, that we have to continue pushing all of these positive messages ourselves to remind people there’s a lot going on.

Holy shit! How much did Miller get paid to say that? Sarah Huckabee-Sanders was slightly more honest about Hemming’s role,

Andy does an incredible job of finding those hidden gems and trying to amplify those positive messages. He’s quick and I would say he has a very good pulse on what’s hot, but also on what wasn’t hot but should be.

YES! He keeps Trump happy. Let’s face it, Trump is a moody SOB. Those around him need to keep him happy or he’s going to be tweeting about their jobs being suddenly vacated. Sarah was right on the money about those “hidden gems”. It’s hard to find anything good from a president with such piss-poor ratings.

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