Trump Requests Visit To Israel’s Holocaust Memorial Be Shortened To 15 Mins

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Our esteemed “president” leaves for his first overseas trip since taking office on Friday. Originally planned to be a celebration tour of sorts for Trump to prove to the world that he is a bigly leader who is much better than Obama, the optics of the trip are now more of an embattled president fleeing legal battles at home.

Not one to disappoint when it comes to offending foreign governments, Trump has begun sabotaging himself before his trip even begins—and with Israel of all people. The generally strong relationship with the United States has been tenuous ever since Trump opened his big mouth and gave secrets gathered by Israeli intelligence away to the Russians. As if he has not already insulted them enough, Israeli publication YNet News is reporting that Trump has requested that his scheduled visit to the Holocaust Memorial in Israel be shortened to a mere 15 minutes—45 minutes less than either Presidents Obama or George W. Bush spent when touring the museum.

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Fuhrer Trump has repeatedly denied claims that he and his administration are anti-Semitic holocaust deniers, sighting his close relationship with Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner, bragging about his Jewish grandchildren, and claiming,“I have many Jewish friends.” Unfortunately for Trump, veiled racism is something many in the 21st century actually recognize and take offense at, as with these responses to a Trump campaign speech to the Republican Jewish Forum in which he tried to appeal to Jewish conservatives by stringing together a bunch of racist generalizations about Jews:

In addition to being damned by his own words, key members of Trump’s administration have been accused of having anti-Semitic leanings. Chief Strategist Steve Bannon is the former chairman of Breitbart News, a major news source for the alt-right. And National Security Aide Sebastian Gorka is a former Breitbart editor who has been accused of having ties to a fascist Hungarian society with links to the Third Reich. Adding insult to injury, the Trump administration failed to mention Jews at all when issuing a statement on Holocaust Remembrance Day, and Press Secretary Sean Spicer insinuated that Hitler was nicer than Assad and referred to concentration camps where millions of Jews were exterminated by Hitler during WWII as “Holocaust Centers.”

 [Hitler] was not using the gas on his own people the same way that Assad is doing. He brought them into the holocaust center. [Not] the way Assad dropped the bombs into the middle of towns.

It would seem logical that a president with such a shaky relationship with Israel and so much controversy surrounding his feelings for Jews would spend as much time as humanly possible at the Holocaust Museum when visiting Israel. President Trumpenfuhrer can only spare 15 minutes.

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