Trump Just Compared The US-Mexico Border To The Blood-Soaked Palestine-Israel Divide

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On Friday, Trump compared the US-Mexico border to the Palestine-Israel border, conflating immigration with terrorism:

The idea that the United States needs to copy Israel’s wall to prevent women and children from finding refuge here is simply a continuation of the hate and divisiveness that Trump thrives on.

One thing you can say about Donald Trump, he keeps his promises he’s told to keep by his handlers. God help us all. On Wednesday morning, a week into his Presidency, Trump signed his third executive order. This one lays plans to build the Great Wall of Trump. But not just any old wall; Trump wants a wall as massive as the 440 mile West Bank Barrier wall and it will cost $15 billion to build. Why? To keep us “safe”. Safe against what? Taco trucks?

Trump became enamored with the idea after a “press excluded” meeting with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu last September, with a campaign aide reporting that Trump discussed, “at length Israel’s successful experience with a security fence that helped secure its borders.” However, Israel’s little “fence” does far more than that…

“The Israeli West Bank barrier, when finished, will run for more than 400 miles and will consist of trenches, security roads, electronic fences, and concrete walls. Its main goal is to stop terrorists from detonating themselves in restaurants and cafes and buses in the cities and towns of central Israel. So, planners set the bar very high: It is intended to prevent every single attempt to cross it. The rules of engagement were written accordingly. If someone trying to cross the fence in the middle of the night is presumed to be a terrorist, there’s no need to hesitate before shooting. To kill.

That is the purpose of Israel’s wall. To keep out people they perceive as terrorists. Not job seekers, not asylum seekers… terrorists. It is a tool in a physical war.

Trump wants one slashing a continent in half for the same reason. There’s just one catch: No one has bombed us from Mexico. No ISIL agent’s coyote-ing through the desert, no jihadist’s wearing C-4 vests. What does happen at the border is 350 million legal crossings a year. Vacationing families, kids, Cheech and Chong, and a lot of military personnel heading for a good time in Guadalajara. Yet we’re supposed to treat the border like a warzone?

Mexico isn’t exactly happy about all this. Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto cancelled a scheduled meeting on Thursday after Trump fired the insult at him to “pay or stay away” then began drafting a tax overhaul that would raise Mexican import taxes by 20% (later rescinded, at least temporarily). So much for the deals at Walmart.

Trump is building an offensive tactical barrier across a continent that won’t keep out drug runners because they dig tunnels and prevent a terrorist attack that has yet to happen or even be attempted. Building this wall for $15 billion, and the $750 million in tax payer dollars a year it will take to maintain it, is outrageous. Economically, it will hurt the low-income American people, who depend on cheap goods from Mexico. It will hurt the revenue from the lucrative tourist industry, and it certainly won’t help relationships with the southern half of the American Continent. So who will it benefit? Magal Security Systems. The Israeli based company that built the West Bank Barrier, complete with concertina wire, guard turrets, and guard towers. They’re aggressively lobbying to be involved in the construction of the barrier in whatever form it takes. So much for “Buy American, Hire American.”

Whether or not Trump’s physical wall gets built is almost irrelevant to the cultural wall he’s building to split the country apart. Our “Divider-in-Chief” won’t be happy until everyone is at each other’s throats, distracted and angry as he loots our Treasury and gives away our international power to Russia.

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