Trump Picks GOP Lawmaker Who Wanted Stripper Registry To Dept. Of Health

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Pennsylvania State Rep. Matt Baker, a notorious anti-porn lawmaker, has a new job courtesy of Donald Trump. Baker was quietly sworn in as regional director of the Office of Intergovernmental and External Affairs at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services two weeks ago.

Baker’s new job is with the agency that serves as a bridge between the federal programs and state, city and tribunal governments. The former lawmaker will have a pivotal role in shaping Medicaid and Medicare policy throughout the country which is strange given his history.

According to his website, Baker served as chairman of the Pennsylvania House Health Committee, but has no actual medical experience or training. His lack of medical experience is abundantly clear when you take a look at the causes he has championed during his time in office.

In 2015, Baker proposed legislation that would create a stripper registry. Had the bill passed, strippers and other adult entertainers would have been forced to provide “their name, stage name, address, phone number, date of birth, place of birth, height, weight, hair color, eye color, criminal background information, trafficking status and photo ID” to the government. Thankfully, sane minds prevailed and his bill failed.

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However, that’s not all he has done. In 2017, Baker introduced legislation to have porn declared a public health crisis. In materials accompanying the bill, he wrote:

Due to advances in technology, young children are now exposed to hardcore pornography at alarming rates, with as many as 27 percent of older millennials reporting that they first encountered explicit pornography before even reaching puberty. The adverse public health effects of this are real and need to be confronted with education, prevention and research and policy change at the community and social levels to address this epidemic.

To top it all off, Baker is against medical marijuana because in his opinion based on zero experience: pot is bad, mmmm’kay?

It’s almost as if Trump finds the least qualified people for jobs within the federal government and says, “That’s my guy (or girl)!” We have Betsy DeVos running the Dept. of Education even though she has zero experience. Ben Carson, a brain surgeon, is running Housing and Urban Development. Rex Tillerson, an oil executive, is running the State Department. The list goes on.

It is going to take years to clean up the mess this administration has left. This isn’t a normal Republican Administration where there’s a lot of dumb ideas but basically, everyone is qualified. The executive branch is currently made up of people who quite literally have no fucking idea what they are doing and Trump just keeps adding unqualified morons to the mix.

We’re screwed.

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