Trump SoHo No Longer Wants His Name On Their Building

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It’s looking a lot like Donald Trump’s antics have not been as good for his brand as he seems to think. Prior to Trump’s presidential bid and ensuing dumpster fire presidency, Trump SoHo was the go-to place for NBA teams visiting New York. According to a Washington Post report, twelve NBA teams (nearly one-third of the NBA) have stayed at the hotel. Now, eleven of those teams have ditched the luxury hotel. “The president has seemingly made a point of dividing us as best he can,” Warriors coach Steve Kerr told The Post in an interview. “He continually offends people, and so people don’t want to stay at his hotel. It’s pretty simple.”

On Friday, it was announced that the Trump Organization has reached an agreement with CIM Group, an investment firm, that will allow CIM to rebrand the hotel:

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This isn’t the first time an investment firm has moved to distance themselves from the toxic Trump brand. In 2016, the president’s name was removed from three NYC apartment buildings, Trump Place. Earlier this year we saw a Toronto hotel remove Trump’s name from their hotel after actors and film studios shunned the hotel during the Toronto Film Festival. According to the New York Times, the hotel was extremely popular until Trump’s decision to run a racist, xenophobic presidential campaign in America.

Whether Trump admits it or not, his brand of nationalism is not popular with the vast majority of sane people and those people do not want to stay in a place bearing his name. He is bad for business.

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