Trump Spread Fake News Again And This Sheriff Just Exposed His Lie

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Why is it that the guilty always project? Donald Trump is the first person to scream “fake news” when he doesn’t particularly care for what’s being reported. Yet, he LOVES to tweet fake news. Recently, he retweeted a video of Muslim “migrants” beating a Dutch boy as anti-Muslim propaganda. Later, it was pointed out that the video was blatantly false; it was made by a British group akin to the KKK.

Trump recently tweeted about a Border Patrol Officer that was killed and another wounded at the Mexican border. He ended his tweet with another push for his mythical wall.

It is true: two border officers were “attacked.” Both were very badly injured when found in a culvert next to Interstate 10. One ended up dying from head injuries. However, Culberson County Sheriff Oscar Carrillo said he thinks a tractor-trailer may have accidentally sideswiped the men, The Dallas Morning News reported. Interstate 10 is highly traveled by semis and accidents frequently occur in that area.

Carillo told the paper,

From the beginning, we were radioed to assist in the incident as an injury, not an assault. That’s the way it was communicated to us. If this was an assault, believe me, as sheriff, I’d be the first one out there emphasizing safety in our community and with our deputies, pairing them up.

Special Agent Emmerson Buie Jr. in the FBI’s El Paso office said last week that investigators were treating the incident as a “potential assault,” but they couldn’t rule out other scenarios.

For a man who enjoys accusing every news outlet other than Fox of printing “fake news”, he sure enjoys doing the same thing if it fits any part of his agenda. Beware his propaganda – someone’s trying to brainwash you.

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