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Trump Uses Veteran Suicides For Photo-Op

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A new executive order to reduce US military veteran suicides, which have reached the astonishing number of 22 per day, is Trump’s latest insult toward those who serve in uniform. Trump doesn’t care about veterans, that’s something he’s clearly demonstrated on repeated occasions. Vets are simply a symbolic aspect of America that Trump can harness and use for political gain. By signing his latest executive order to decrease US military suicides, Donald Trump is taking a free ride on the backs of military veterans who suffer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and need real answers, not extensions of the half-hearted, underfunded programs that led to our current state.

Trump’s 57th Executive Order, “Supporting our Veterans During Their Transition From Uniformed Service to Civilian Life,” is an insincere dog and pony show for the media. Ask any military officer if they are reluctant to report suffering the effects of PTSD, the truth is that the diagnosis is a career death sentence. That is what needs to change.

Ever talk to a vet who did claim PTSD?

The VA puts people through incredible scrutiny. The military is packed with people who served in Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, Korea, WWII and other conflicts. They have PTSD, often undiagnosed, and the help they need is complex and unique and it is not coming from Donald Trump.

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Just the idea of an executive order having an impact on veteran suicide is insulting. If answers were that close at hand, then they should have been implemented long ago. Trump, the man who flirts with nuclear disaster and North Korea. Trump, whose own grandfather was a draft dodger. Trump, who concentrated exclusively on draft deferments during the Vietnam era, rather than serving his nation. In fact, Trump received draft deferments over and over again, in 1964, ’65, ’66 and ’68, according to research from The Smoking Gun published by Snopes. Trump, who claimed to have minor “bone spurs” received his full bailout from military service in early 1972 when he was reclassified as a 4-F, which permanently disqualified him from military service.

In a mode of false posturing, Trump, who never served in the US military, surely misses or rejects the fact that heartless US military policies enacted during the most recent Bush Administration are the reason we have a major veterans suicide problem. Add to that the fact that veterans programs receive a tiny fraction of the financial support they deserve, and we start to see the picture. Wars should not be waged for profit or over false allegations, yet they are.  Trump takes advantage of the suffering, the disadvantaged, and in this case, the broken people who served their nation with vigor and honor, for his own political gain.

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