Trump’s McDonald’s Hookup Is Getting Grilled About Russia Today

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We have all heard about how much Donald Trump loves his fast food. Apparently, he loves it so much that he has asked chefs in the White House to duplicate some of his very favorites. However, their attempts were not good enough – “liddle” Donny sent his long-time bodyguard to get him the real thing from McDonald’s – this guy has seen a lot of drive-thrus.

Keith Schiller is the bodyguard who has been working with Trump for years. Politico wrote a profile on the man they call the “Trump whisperer.” He is due to appear before the House Intelligence Committee today. They are very curious about what he may have witnessed in the Russia collusion scandal. Let’s face it, a bodyguard sees and hears more than any other Trump colleague.

According to Politico,

Schiller is expected to be grilled about Trump’s 2013 trip to Moscow — and the infamous 35-page dossier of compromising information about Trump’s behavior during a trip to visit the Miss Universe pageant.

It appears that Schiller won’t be going through any drive-thrus for Trump today. Many of Trump officials are concerned about the questioning today of the long-time bodyguard.

Trump officials and friends said their main concern is that the sight of Trump’s longest-serving and closest aide — the man who is widely credited with knowing how to manage the president’s moods, his diet, what triggers him and what soothes him — being hauled in front of a committee could aggravate Trump as he enters a series of high-stakes meetings with the Chinese on his 12-day trip through Asia.

While this is a serious concern – Trump’s normal pissy attitude turns off foreign officials on a good day – I think most of us are just a little content knowing that Trump knows his bodyguard is being grilled and there is absolutely NOTHING he can do about it.

So, instead of getting his quarter-pounder with cheese, no pickles, and extra ketchup along with his fried apple pie for dessert today, Trump will be nervously popping antacids going slowly more insane with anxiety. At least, this is the scenario we are all imagining.

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