Trump’s Personal Attorney Reportedly Bragging That He Had Preet Bharara Fired

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The bombshells in the Trump Administration just keep on coming, I’m pretty sure all of us in this business aren’t going to get a vacation until this lunatic is out of office. The most recent bit of damaging information to make it into the media are claims that Trump’s personal lawyer’s hands are all up in our government.

According to a report by the Huffington PostMarc Kasowitz has been bragging to colleagues and friends that he is the reason former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara was suddenly fired earlier this year:

Kasowitz told Trump,’This guy is going to get you,’ according to a person familiar with Kasowitz’s account.

If you recall, Bharara, who represented the Southern District of New York, was originally asked to stay on at state attorney by Donald Trump at a Trump Tower meeting in November. Everything seemed to be going well after the inauguration until suddenly, in March, while Bharara was in the midst of investigating Trump’s secretary of the health and human services, Tom Price, he was told to resign. When the state attorney refused, the president fired him.

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If what Kasowitz’s claims are true and he did, in fact, convince the president to fire Bharara, then that would mean Trump’s personal attorney is playing government official and influencing matters he has no business talking about. And sadly, it probably is true. President Trump has absolutely no concept of creating boundaries between his position as the head of state and his personal relationships. He seems to think it is totally fine to bring in all of his homies to help him run the country (badly) even though we did not elect those people (or him, really).

We know have a presidential administration filled with family members and unqualified surrogates destroying the fabric of our democracy and it is terrifying. What’s worse, is that nobody is stopping him.

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