Trump’s Regulations Rollbacks Are Now Affecting Our Food

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The Trump Administration has been loving all the regulations reversals put in place by the Obama Administration. From cutting regulations put in place to protect our environment to getting rid of net neutrality, this administration seems intent on destroying everything Obama has put in place to protect citizens. Now, they are going after our food.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced Monday that it is officially withdrawing a rule it delayed for the third time in November. The agency said the rule exceeded the department’s statutory authority. They fear it could have a negative effect on voluntary participation in the National Organic Program. We are left fearing what we eat.

Finalized under the Obama administration in 2016, the “Animal Welfare” rule dictated how producers participating in the National Organic Program are required to treat livestock and poultry to ensure wellbeing. For example, the rule outlined that poultry must be housed in spaces that are big enough for the birds to move freely, stretch their wings, and stand normally. Livestock must be provided access to outdoor space year round.

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But, you know, treating animals humanely may affect some farmers’ productivity. It’s bullshit. It is common sense to treat animals, even those marked for food sources, with basic decency and compassion. No one wants to eat meat derived from sick animals. Basic welfare be damned!

The USDA says that the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) only has the congressional authority to regulate aspects of animal care related to food sources. According to the AMS’s site, “The Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) administers programs that create domestic and international marketing opportunities for U.S. producers of food, fiber, and specialty crops.” So, it’s safe to say that they are mainly concerned with profit. That doesn’t bode well for Americans who want to eat organic to ensure their food sources are “kindly” raised.

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