Twitter Bashes Those Who Find Books About Race Relations In The U.S. “Uncomfortable”

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A Mississippi school district has recently pulled To Kill A Mockingbird from its required reading list.  The book that every student has been required to read in recent decades was written by Harper Lee and published in 1960. It addressed racial relations in a small town through the eyes of the daughter of a prominent lawyer. It teaches empathy and shows an honorable effort to rise above racism.

Like most movies and literature, lingo from the time is used – art imitates life. During the setting of the novel, the word “nig*er” was common – it was still derogatory, but it was used much more regularly. Now, schools use the word to excuse banning classic literature from the classroom. The excuse that the Biloxi School District is using is that the word makes people “uncomfortable.”

That word SHOULD make people uncomfortable. Social justice doesn’t happen when people are comfortable. That word has always been used to marginalize a specific group of people. It is a result of the culture we live in, not a cause.

According to the school district, other books can be used to teach empathy. Isn’t that simplifying it a bit? This book addresses racial relations we still experience today in this country. In fact, it seems that many closeted bigots have been emboldened by our newest president. The book may be as relevant to our society as it was at the time of its publication.

Twitter was quick to jump on the subject. Users destroyed the flimsy notion that it was a word that made people “uncomfortable.”

And this last tweet perfectly sums it up:

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