Twitter Is Having A Field Day With Jeff Sessions’ Congressional Testimony

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On Tuesday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions went before the House of Representatives to answer questions about his repeated lies to the Senate and why he is letting Hillary Clinton get away with being a supervillain who wants to destroy America. Okay, I made that last part up, that wasn’t really supposed to be a topic for this hearing but….Republicans. Sessions, being the totally honest man he is, answered questions with a refreshing amount of transparency. Okay, okay, I made that up too. Every time Sessions was asked about his meetings with the Russians or Trump Campaign officials’ meetings and contact with Russians the little Alabama elf just could not seem to recall anything. It was like someone came along and just plucked the memories right out of his sweet little brain, bless his heart.

His inability to answer questions like a proper attorney general and the repeated Republican attacks on everyone but Trump lead to a lot of fun on Twitter. The social media users have been mocking Sessions for hours and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Here are some of my favorite tweets:

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Honestly, the congressional hearing is ridiculous. The committee is allowing Sessions to lie his way through another hearing while under oath. The attorney general of the United States should not be permitted to continue to bullshit the American people, but with Republicans in charge here we are.

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