Twitter Is Having None Of Papa John’s Founder’s Racist Nonsense

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In case you haven’t heard, Papa John’s founder John Schnatter is really mad at the NFL. I could explain why, but our friends at Wonkette have done a much better job:

Remember back in 2012 when we were all boycotting Papa John’s Pizza on account of “Papa John” Schnatter’s whole “If Obamacare happens, I will have to charge FIFTEEN WHOLE CENTS more for pizza! Vote Romney!” schtick? Well, as much as many things have changed since then, it turns out that John Schnatter is still a douchenozzle. While speaking on an earnings call Wednesday after the company’s stock fell to a three month low, Schnatter blamed the NFL and the fact that they have allowed players to exercise their First Amendment rights to protest police brutality by kneeling during the national anthem for his declining sales.

Basically, black people protested and that isn’t okay with the totally-not-racist founder of the shitty pizza chain that is Papa John’s. Instead of blaming it on, you know, the SHITTY pizza, he blamed black guys. I’m super shocked about this (not really though) and so were our spirit humans on Twitter (not really though) who laid into the shitty pizza chain’s founder:

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Honestly, I stopped buying that pizza long before we ever knew the founder was a raging conservative because, again, it’s gross.

Pretty much.



I’ve never been to a Costco, but really, garbage can pizza is better than Papa John’s.

Honestly, it’s time for Schnatter to pull up his “bootstraps” and take responsibility for his terrible sauce, disgusting crust and his plummeting sales. The whole “blame the black guy” line went out the window when President Obama walked out of the White House on January 20th.

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