Twitter Mocks Paul Ryan’s Decision To Run Away From Congress

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On Wednesday, it was announced that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan will not be running for reelection in November. Over the last few months, there have been rumblings that the failed vice presidential candidate was out, but nothing had been confirmed. According to the New York Times, Ryan told Republicans his decision was related to his family, but some are not convinced:

 Mr. Ryan has been frustrated with the seemingly unending tensions in his conference between conservative hard-liners and mainstream Republicans and the unpredictable Mr. Trump, whose recent tilt toward imposing tariffs and inviting a trade war is anathema to the free market-oriented speaker.

Mr. Ryan, who told his staff about his decision at an early-morning meeting, indicated to advisers that he knows retiring will create political difficulties for the party but that he felt he could not in good conscience commit to another full two-year term.

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While Republicans, the sane ones left, are upset that Ryan is leaving, the rest of America is not. The Speaker has a long, long history of screwing over the most vulnerable Americans while catering to the poor. Americans took to Twitter in droves to celebrate Ryan’s departure:

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Welp, doesn’t look like he’ll be missed.

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