Twitter Rips Into Tomi Lahren After Her Ridiculous Response To The Texas Shooting

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Tomi Lahren, formerly of The Blaze, is many things. She’s a racist. She’s a Donald Trump supporter. And she is curiously bilious when it comes to anything involving liberals. Even though she was fired from The Blaze for saying that she supports abortion, there is no question about her conservatism.

Her response to the shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas yesterday was as predictable as mud after a storm. You probably already know that she compared guns to trucks – because that’s how gun nuts think.

Yes, we know this response is partly due to the attack in NYC just days ago. However, this is the common response from right-wing gun nuts who would rather see more children die than actually takes steps to protect them.

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Twitter attacked. Now is not the time to act as though everything is A-OK. Even a troll like Lahren should be aware – but they just can’t help themselves from furthering the rhetoric that these deaths are the price we pay for our freedom.


So, Tomi. What say you? We the people are tired of babies dying because the rights of hobbyists are more important than the lives of innocent citizens. If we continue this line of bullshit, things will never change.

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