Twitter Tells Tomi Lahren To Go F*ck Herself Over Comment About Dow Plunge

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Fox’s resident young blonde, Tomi Lahren, loves to incite divisive arguments on her social media accounts. It’s a part of her job – she shares whatever pops into that brain and then reels in the drama. She may deny that is the main component of her job, but it’s honestly the only reason she’s still on the air. Sex sells and if you can’t sell sex, you may as well sell some hatred and a lot of misplaced anger.

On Tuesday, Tomi decided to target journalists (which she purposely put in quotation marks as if SHE is the only real journalist and the rest are all playing) and Democrats in one fell swoop. I supposed we could give her credit for being thorough, but thoroughness in divisiveness is not actually an achievement.

She tweeted,

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Nailed it! Every Democrat is giddy about possibly LOSING our hard-earned, Tomi. This moron has absolutely no concept that our “giddiness” rides on the fact that Trump gets credit for any bubble in the Dow, but Obama is blamed for the plunges. We enjoy pointing out the utter hypocrisy. Twitter lunged:

There’s that hypocrisy again; Lahren wallows in it.

And we always save our favorite tweets for last:

Because, let’s face it, Fox News has some of the worst “journalists” in the business.

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