Twitter User Geniusly Replies To Politicians Tweeting Condolences About Texas Church Shooting

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Matt McDonough, or @mattymcd as he is known on Twitter, is a freaking genius. He is one of the best Trump trolls on Twitter. He loves replying to Trump’s fictitious tweets with brutal honesty. Besides replying to Trump, he enjoys tweeting about the news from his very liberal perspective. After the tragedy in Sutherland Springs, Texas, he decided to use his knack for honesty and amazing research abilities to respond to politicians who expressed condolences over the shooting. He replied to them with the amount of money they have received from the NRA.

Reading the dollar amounts each politician has accepted – in the form of campaign dollars for many – from the country’s biggest gun pusher really highlights these shallow sentiments. We don’t need prayers after an entire church is shot up; their “god” let it happen in a place of worship. If you can’t see that this is not a very rational god, you have been beaten too hard with The Bible.

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McDonough really took the time to research his tweets. They are solid proof of some of the perks that come with being a member of the American government. Prepare to be sickened. The following are not even all his tweets and the amounts are truly sickening.

We need commonsense gun laws that better protect innocent citizens from a deadly hobby. We need to prevent one of the most dangerous groups in America from buying our politicians. We don’t need superstitions to protect us from murderers. We need politicians, real leaders, willing to stand up to the ever-powerful NRA.

The next time your representatives offer prayers to gun victims and their families, call them out. Hold them accountable. Every dollar they accept from the NRA is another drop of blood on their hands.

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